Trying for Joe

Trying for Joe


The last night before my world broke, my roomies James and Cary convinced me to come watch their season finale kickball game. A cement court a block and a half from our adorable, Lower East Side apartment. Leaning up against the metal bars, cheering them on, a huge smile on my face.

Now there is a wave breaking on my head each day it seems and I don’t know if I can stand.

Do you forget? If the pain dissipates do the memories grow more fragile? I suppose I will find out.

Smile sweetly through the aching pain, Joe would be proud. I’ve stepped down the rabbit hole and I don’t think there is any coming back.

You aren’t like the others, but that doesn’t have to be bad.

Put on pretty lipstick.

Fix your hair.

Don’t forget to sparkle up this world.

It’s what Joe would have given anything for.

Remember you once believed in love and that good things could happen, please look for that spark.

Try for Joe.

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