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Lisbeth Garassino

Lisbeth Garassino is a focused, high-energy digital marketing strategist with 16 years of marketing experience.  Trained in NYC and skilled at creating innovative and creative marketing strategies and then executing these plans for corporations, non-profit, and government clients is Lisbeth’s strength.  Lisbeth started her career in publishing working for five years for the children’s publishing company Scholastic.  After Scholastic, Lisbeth worked in Education Technology for a division of News Corporation, developing and leading strategic marketing initiatives for innovative educational software. Lisbeth also consulted for eBay headquarters in Silicon Valley as a member of their Social Commerce Team and was a Global Marketing Manager for a company based in Bergen, Norway working out of Silicon Valley managing marketing campaigns in Asia and Europe. Lisbeth was head of Marketing for a financial technology education startup, ClassWallet based in the greater Miami area for several years and then spent time in our nation’s capital, Washington D.C.  Currently, Lisbeth is based in Austin, Texas, and leads a global marketing team for a fintech company.

Lisbeth received a B.A. degree from College of the Holy Cross, and was then a Fulbright scholar in Eastern Europe, and manages a volunteer program in Bosnia, Builders for Peace.  In Romania, Lisbeth taught a Journalism course at the University of Bucharest, leading post-communist students to a new thought process on the way the media can operate.  In Bosnia, Lisbeth leads volunteers to Gracanica to teach English skills to high school students and a library restoration project in Fojnica.  She continues to be active in the Fulbright Association to promote international understanding.  Lisbeth also now does work with migrants and refugees in Texas.

Lisbeth’s passion is cancer research, and she hopes to use her marketing and writing skills to further the development of a cure for cancer.  Lisbeth was elected to the Cancer Research Institute Young Philanthropists and co-chaired the Target Cancer Foundation Advocacy Council out of Boston.  She is interested in cancer research due in large part to her lovely aunt Lynn, who passed from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and her brother Joe, who at 28 was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer.  Joe was Lis’s favorite and only sibling. Joe passed on January 20th, 2013.



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