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Thank you for finding our community.  We hope that the grief and loss resources listed below are helpful even in some small way.  Writing, creative outlets, ritual and connecting with nature can help heal.  Remember to honor your grief, it is a part of you but that doesn’t have to make you feel alone.

Any suggestions for what has helped you with your journey are always welcome.  If you want to send along a note and connect please contact Lis via email at:

[email protected]

Or write Lis here:

    Helpful Resources

    Helpful Resources for Young Adults Dealing with Cancer:

    Hope for Young Adults with Cancer
    “Our mission is to connect with our peers 18-35 in the fight to provide financial support, a social network and outlet for those battling, surviving, and living with cancer.”

    Helpful Resources for Dealing with Grief & Loss:

    Megan Devine:

    Megan Devine offers many grief resources, writes about grief on the Huffington Post, and offers a Grief Writing course.

    Modern Loss:

    Modern Loss

    Modern Loss offers readers “candid conversations about loss.” There are many essays regarding all types of loss. A lot of authors on grief and loss publish on this website.

    The Dinner Party:

    The Dinner Party is a group that meets for dinner in major cities to discuss young members’ significant losses in a comfortable and inviting setting.

    Helpful Resources for helping with Cancer Research and Supporting Those With Cancer:

    The Joe Garassino Foundation:

    A Resource that Raises and Donates Funds to Cancer Patients in Connecticut.

    Target Cancer:

    TargetCancer promotes the development of lifesaving treatment protocols for rare cancers. TargetCancer directly supports initiatives at the forefront of cancer treatment by funding innovative research, fostering collaborations, and raising awareness among scientists, clinicians, and patients.

    Light the Night Walk:

    Walk for survivors, patients, and in memory of loved ones lost from cancer. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge or in any major city in the USA.

    Cancer Research Institute:

    The CRI Young Philanthropists Council is a group of highly motivated, professional young adults dedicated to helping the Institute by raising funds to support our research programs and by promoting awareness of our mission. Through a series of annual events, the Young Philanthropists attract other charitable young professionals to CRI’s cause, introducing our organization to an important group of future leaders and cultivating their passion for eradicating cancer in their lifetimes.

    Helpful Books on Grief & Loss:

    Anything by Pema Chodron

    Specifically, When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times

    Meditations by Jack Kornfield

    Specifically, the book A Lamp In the Darkness

    Jack’s friend, Frank Ostaseski work and book The Five Invitations

    Splitting The Difference: A Heart-Shaped Memoir by Tre Miller-Rodriguez

    New resource I found on Clubhouse:

    Other Resources:

    Call your local hospice or hospital to see what Grief & Loss resources they offer, hospice can often be a good place to start to get support.

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