History | How this Community for Out of Order Loss Began

Joe’s Sister History

Why is this group here?

Lisbeth started this community with hopes of helping others grieving the pain of a lost loved one, a young out of order death.  In June 2012, her brother Joe, at 28 was given a terminal diagnosis of a rare and aggressive cancer and given 6 months time left to live. It was just the two of them and he was always her favorite person.  She has now learned to live without him.

Living with grace and strength, just like Joe would do, is always her goal.   There are not many, if any, helpful resources for sibling loss or out of order death.  Lisbeth would like to add to this rather neglected space.  The resources that exist are not extremely helpful and there are more resources available if your pet dies than if your sibling dies. *

When Lisbeth told Joe that she wanted to start a group to help other siblings since she wasn’t able to find anything to help her, Joe said “Lis, that’s a great idea!”  May you find small peace in landing here and knowing that you are not alone.

To read more about Joe’s story, please visit: connectwithjoe.blogspot.com

* Lisbeth has worked on Search Engine Optimization teams at the largest companies in the world and privy to Google search indexing information confirmed this to be true.


Joe’s song, “Hush, Baby”, is now available on ITunes!

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