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Joe’s song, “Hush, Baby”, is on iTunes. Proceeds go to the Cancer Research Institute of New York City.

Lisbeth’s passion is cancer research advocacy. If you are interested in joining a cause to help with advocacy please reach out.

About Joe’s song (Proceds benefit cancer research)

On January 2, 2013, as we prepared to leave St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport, CT to take my brother, Joe, 28, home to hospice care, the nurses told me I would be riding in the ambulance, too. I would also be responsible for carrying Joe’s supply of morphine. A hospice nurse would be waiting at our home in Middlebury ready to set-up Joe’s PCA pump with the morphine. During the ride home, an EMT would administer medication as necessary to relieve my brother’s incredible pain. We had a plan and we were ready to bring Joe home.

When I learned Joe was going home, I immediately messaged my friend, Olya, to see if she could help. Only a few days earlier, I had written these lyrics for Joe. Olya, a Moscow-born musician, had read my lyrics and agreed to work on making them into a song over the next few weeks. Things had changed. I now needed the song as soon as possible. That night as Olya cried, she created the music and recorded “Hush, Baby.” By early morning on January 3, 2013, I had a copy of “Hush, Baby” to play for Joe.

Joe loved his song and said, “Lis, put it on a thumb drive for me, quick!” not realizing that I would never leave his side. Joe passed away peacefully in our home on January 20, 2013.

Joe’s death came fast and brutally. On June 15, 2012, he had been diagnosed with Stage IV cholangiocarcinoma, (bile duct cancer). By purchasing Joe’s song, “Hush, Baby,” you are helping advance cures for all cancer. All net proceeds go directly to the Cancer Research Institute (CRI), the leading organization for new research, vaccines and treatments that seek to eradicate all forms of cancer.

For more on Joe’s story, please visit:
For more information on the Cancer Research Institute (CRI), please visit

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About Olya

Olya is a singer and a songwriter from Moscow. Olya, (Olga Kisseleva) grew up in Russia and came from a family of professional musicians. Music has always been important to Olya. As a child, Olya sang in the Big Children’s Choir of Moscow Radio and TV touring around Europe and performing on Moscow’s largest concert stages including Moscow Conservatory, State Kremlin Palace and the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall.

In 2000, Olya’s family moved to the United States. After graduating from Boston University, Olya came to New York. In 2010, Olya co-produced and self-released her debut album, Carefully. Olya performs regularly with her band at famed New York music venues such as The Bitter End, Rockwood Music Hall and Webster Hall. In October 2012, Olya participated in the CMJ Music Marathon, an annual festival held in NYC.

Olya is currently working on her second album, engaging in the world of sound production and engineering.

“Hush, Baby” is Olya’s first single that she fully arranged, produced, and mixed.

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