Mission | A Resource to Help with Out of Order Loss

Sibling Loss Community Mission

A Resource to Help with Out of Order Loss

This is an open forum for siblings who have lost a sibling.  You can be an only child or still have other siblings.  This is also a forum for friends who have lost someone who felt like a sibling.  This is also a place you can come if you seek to help someone who is grieving.  It is meant to be a safe space for all who would like to learn how to support those who have experienced a sudden out of order loss.

We hope to provide support for out of order loss, death, and dying so you can see that you are not alone.  Grief, loss, and death are not common topics Western society addresses and as a result, there are not many tools to deal with this.  This community is a safe place you can visit to find comfort that you are not alone in your grief and loss.  Out of order loss does occur and there are others who want to help you.  Please also visit the “Contact Us” section for other helpful resources for dealing with your grief and loss. Always and forever sending love.

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