The Childhood Window

The Childhood Window


I see a pretty girl with long blonde hair. Wait I see two. Excited they are throwing old dresses and hats out of a big wicker hamper. A wedding dress, a brightly colored bridesmaids dress, lots of big fancy hats and scarves. What should they put on?? It’s dress up time!

There is a boy there too, a little younger clamoring to be included and just as excited as the young girls about the brightly colored dresses and elaborate fabrics.

The girls dress up and will only let the boy play if he wears the pretty white wedding dress with the long train. He is thrilled to be included in the dress up game. Together they run outside to play in their fancy outfits, jumping and spinning against the vast freshly cut lawn.

A mother looks up from the dishes out the window facing the sprawling lawn and sees the boy chasing after the girls to keep up. A huge smile on his face to be included, the long white wedding dress trailing behind him dragging in the grass.

A day in the life.

Joe with his big sister.

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