No one ever thought I was older — ever.

Joe would get a chuckle every time the bartender or waitress at the lovely restaurant he had picked or the random bar we were chilling at, asked to see my ID, paying no attention to Joe. This happened until last year, I was 30, he was 28! I would be indignant, Joe would laugh. He acted older.

Mia is Joe’s puppy alright. She is inquisitive, loving, and alert to no end, Mia Foma as Joe dubbed her. Foma as in “Fear of Missing Out.” It’s a phrase Joe and some of his female friends would use meaning they didn’t want to miss a thing. That’s definitely Miss Mia.

Mia sat for an hour with her nose pressed up against the outside porch bars, watching intently as a man weedwacked and mowed the lawn. She was very fascinated and wouldn’t move or unpress her face, least she miss something.

Mia also loves to eat grass.

Right now I’m trying to get motivated, Joe would have already gotten there.

Love and hug and kiss, it’s all that matters.


Joe’s Sister

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