Kiss and Hug

Kiss and Hug

Puppy 068


Somehow you get back to living, I’m not sure how it happens. The third verse of Joe’s song, Hush, Baby by Olya says it bet for me: “I promise you my eternity, with all the strength of my soul, I carry on.”

Still, if I didn’t have a French bulldog to hug and friends to lean on it would be near impossible.

I drink a lot of coffee and I think a lot. Too often, I come back to that I will never get to see Joe come in the door so excited to see me. Giving me a huge hug as he dropped his bag, a hug grin on his face with a “What’s up, Lis.” So full of life, so ready to hang and catch up on life. I miss that the most.

Kiss and hug.

Joe’s Sister

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