I Remember ..

I Remember ..


I remember trying to remember the correct meds to dispense.

I remember always making him laugh.

I remember stopping to pick up a blunt for him, no idea what I was doing.

I remember sleeping by his feet.

I remember his friends calling for updates.

I remember shuffling pretty Flamingo dancer playing cards to pass the time.

I remember love.

I remember his voice.

I remember him asking me which shirt looked best.

I remember him rolling his eyes at me.

I remember he was always more worried about me, but I wish he left a note.

I remember, I remember, I remember the art cart at Sloan. Decorating the bulletin board in his hospital rooms. Putting up pretty pictures or things to make him laugh.

I remember him always smiling — most of the time.

I remember it being just us.

I remember to take my medicine.

I remember thoughts are just thoughts.

I remember to try for Joe.


A Sister’s Love for Her Brother.

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