Drink Black Coffee That Brings a Welcome Bitterness

Drink Black Coffee That Brings a Welcome Bitterness


A blog entry from the fall:

Dark coffee that brings a welcome bitterness. An alarm that rings. A bevy of air mattresses.

Today we are in New York Mia has her NYC swagger on spring is in the air because global warming hasn’t abated. And we are making crafts. The art ladies at Sloan are volunteers who have a cart mostly with beads and pipe cleaners and wire. We have made some fabulous rings.

Joe is his usual rock star self. Really, would you expect anything else.

Time is a bit warped inside. It takes all day, but is a weird type of time that kind of goes by extremely fast and extremely slow at exactly the same time. You might think it would balance out.

Chemo side effects are scary, but Joe never complains. He gives us a heads-up. So we know he might not be able to talk to us on the way back. He wants to make sure we know how to drive across town in the city.

We are trying to get a handle on the pain.

And a blog entry from now:

Letter to myself

Stand tall, shoulders back

Turn inwards.

Racing thoughts are still just thoughts.

Lean on yourself, find more ways to allow this to happen.

Dream, dream big. LIke Joe would want you to.

There must be something that will give you a spark – look for it.

Cherish what you will find. Allow the despondent despair and
unbreakable pain to rip you apart. Embrace it all, it’s all
that can help.

Don’t turn away

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