They are’t all bad stories. Some are funny, Funny but funny from Mars or some warped place, not here. Not like funny, haha.

I will let you in.

I was bugging. I could feel a slight tingle in my throat. I felt hoarse. I was getting sick. How would I be able to sleep in the hospital, they would kick me out.
I had to be around for Joe. Had to be there for him.
They must have Vitamin C in the lobby gift shop, I thought excitedly. I had to get to the lobby gift shop.

They had just given my brother steroids and they had just kicked in.

I lifted my head from my perch, “Joe,” I said softly, “I’m going to the gift store to get Vitamin C, I’ll be back.”
“Lis,” he replied all agitated, “Can’t you just chill for a minute and we will go together.”

I looked at him, he was dead serious.

“Sure, Joe,” I replied, easing back down, “I will just chill with you.”
Mind you, I had not left his side since the day before.

Ah baby boy, and what do you ask are sisters for?

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