Carry On, However You Can

Carry On, However You Can



Carry on. Hush. Slow it down. Breathe baby. Pretty girl, why do you dream of falling? Light a candle make a wish.


If I spent as much time writing as I did dating or texting with boys a lot more could be accomplished.


I have less patience for most things because they just don’t seem important.


I guess dating to distract oneself is completely normal. I just finished reading Tre Miller Rodriguez’s book, Splitting The Difference: A Heart-Shaped Memoir. It was the bomb. The first book I have read start to finish since Joe died. Usually, I’m too distracted to read or I start a book and just can’t relate or get into it. Tre’s book is amazing. As Tre says, “What the ever-loving fuck could daunt me more than pall bearing my husband at 34?” And, what the ever-loving fuck could daunt me more than losing Joe to cancer? “Grief is grief. It cannot be compared,” as my mom says.
However, if you find something that you can relate to go for it. It helps that Tre is a cute blonde New Yorker who understands dating to distract. If you want to or need to understand grief I recommend this book.

Love for your day.


Joe’s Sister

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