“But if you send for me, you know I’ll come”

“But if you send for me, you know I’ll come”


I will be hosting a Dinner Party in San Jose to encourage a place for young adults who have experienced loss to gather together. This is a very cool organization – check it out: This organization started in LA and the base is in the Bay due to an NPR segment that originated out here. It seems like there are some very innovative movements starting out West. Tomorrow evening we are having a training for the hosts in Oakland. We will talk about the guidelines and how to get our tables off the ground. It’s interesting to me all the people involved are women. Here is a description of the Dinner Party from their website:


“Through unstructured and beautiful dinner parties hosted by friends for friends, we invite those who’ve experienced significant loss to dive into long-tabooed territory, sharing a defining part of ourselves that rarely sees the light of day…”


Stay tuned, I will let you know how it goes.


Close your eyes picture his smile, the light in his eyes. Breathe. Deep little lady. Let the sunshine in.


“I’ll be here giving it my best shot.”



Joe’s Sister

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