A Blip In the Ocean

A Blip In the Ocean


Grief I’ve learned most people probably won’t stick around. Some can’t handle
it, some don’t realize you need help. The world keeps on spinning you are just
on a different planet.


I think more people need to realize a year is a blip in the ocean.


I like Megan Devine, a grief specialist out of Portland my mom told me about who
writes for the Huffington Post. She writes how the first year is a fog. You
can’t comprehend that life can go on in a regular way. It’s after the first year
that it gets harder because you are out of the fog. Not that the fog isn’t it’s
own frighteningly horrible self. It’s not trying to compare the two that is the


The problem I guess is that people on the outside don’t understand. And it
tricks you because it usually isn’t strangers that don’t understand. Sometimes
strangers can be more compassionate and become close. It’s the people you
thought you were close to who don’t get it. Ultimately the problem is you get
hurt when you aren’t standing tall to begin.


Breathe a little slower, let it in. What would Joe want? He would want you to be
happy. Try a little each day.




Joe’s Sister

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