My Story

I have started this group in hopes of helping others who are grieving the pain and loss of a loved one. There are not a lot of resources to help with grief and pain, especially for out of order loss, as Western society does not often speak about death and loss.

In June 2012, when my brother Joe was given a terminal diagnosis my world shattered. Stumbling, I tried to find support for out of order loss and sibling loss but came up short.

I hope that if you have landed here, you can get a small bit of peace knowing you are not alone.

When the ground slipped from under me, I fell. Maybe if I had found someone like me I would have traveled a slightly less scary path.

Loss like this is difficult to put into words and hard to understand if it has not happened to you. I saw a quote recently I liked, "You don't even need to ask, I got you."

Sending you love and wishes for peace.


Joe's Sister


Joe's song, "Hush, Baby", is now available on ITunes!